Welcome to Nancy's Art Studio

My name is Nancy and I work as a full time artist. I began painting when I was very young.  When I was growing up my family was actively involved in the visual and theatrical arts.  As a girl I'd assist artists with painting theater sets. Once I started using a paint brush, I couldn't stop. Creating artwork allows me to express myself freely. As I paint I imagine another world.  I love watching a painting come to life and getting lost in the process.  My paintings have several layers of applications on them which creates texture. I use mixed mediums on stretched canvases and my favorite tool is a palette knife. It's such a privilege to share my art with others.

My  work is shown in galleries, displayed in movie sets, businesses, hotels and sold internationally.  I'm also teaching artist for the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

Nancy's current gallery showings:  
Pacific Gallery in Laguna Beach in California 
Pacific Gallery in Dana Point, California
Golden Thread Gallery, Connecticut

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