How to take Photos for your Commissioned Pet Portrait

Capture the Perfect Shot for Your Custom Pet Portrait with Expert Photography Tips.

  • Lighting: The best photographs will be taken outside in natural light on a bright overcast or cloudy day. If not possible, try taking your pictures next to a large window always keep the sun at your back. If your pet has a black or dark coat you may want to wait for a very bright day to show details in his face and coat.
  • Composition: Get down on the same level as your pet when taking photographs so the pet is not looking straight up at you. ¬†Center your pet in the photograph and try to get the pet to look straight into the camera. ¬†Be sure to that you are not cutting off their ears, tail or paws. ¬† It is helpful to capture ¬†some close ups of the face so that I can really see your pet‚Äôs features. ¬†This will help me with the detail work of your pet's face. ¬†
  • Give your pet time to get used to the camera: Have someone help you with the photo shoot by using toys or treats. They are a way of getting the dog‚Äôs attention and best expression. The more photos you take the better chance you have of capturing what you want.
  • Choosing your photographs: Details as a collar or leash can be easily eliminated in the painting but a sweater or a ball in the mouth are not.¬†