The lion's paw scallop is quite the looker - characterized by bold, bumpy ridges and knobs that give it a rough yet interesting texture. Hued in vibrant shades of red, orange and even purple, this species of shell truly stands out from the crowd!

Seeking out the perfect shells is a mission most beach-goers fail at; but for serious collectors, it's a high-stakes treasure hunt! Lion's paw shells are so elusive they can only be found by professional divers or commercial fishermen, since these scallops prefer to chill in dark depths, rockin' out on the wreckage of sunken ships, deep in dark caves, or even 160 feet underground. 

Natural capiz shell is an earth-friendly, plentiful, and renewable resource from the Pacific Ocean near the equator. Abundant 'round the Philippine Isles!

Bring home the perfect combination of art and music with these one-of-a-kind Wind Chimes. Handmade by me, each wind chime is either hand painted or created with the decoupage method and carefully varnished for a lasting outdoor display. Experience the beauty and sound any time with this unique and durable decor piece.  

Because each one is unique, if you order more than one of the same image, it will not be exact especially if I hand paint it.   If you have any special requests for a painting, please message me to discuss what I can make for you!

The Process: Source those shiny shells, clean 'em up, and give 'em a makeover!  With dyes and paints, and a hefty dose of varnish, these chimes are ready to fight the elements and keep 'em looking fine for years to come!

Seashells are a product of nature; each is unique, and no two shells are a like. Every shell varies in shape, color, and finish; therefore, they may contain naturally made blemishes.