The Decoupage Shells

These beautiful decoupage shells and plates are hand made and made to order.  They make gorgeous custom gifts for just about anyone.  These decorative oyster shells are perfect to keep any small items in a safe spot.  You can use them as place cards for your special event.  You can scatter a variety of them on a buffet table to give it a festive look for any holiday.   They are unique gifts and make lovely ornaments as well.  The decoupage technique is used and the edges and back is hand painted in gold.

Seashells are a product of nature; each is unique, and no two shells are a like. Every shell varies in shape, color, and finish; therefore, they may contain naturally made blemishes. 

There are many steps to the decoupage process and it takes several days to create one shell.   The shells must be sourced, cleaned, painted white several times to ensure the that shell's natural blemishes do not bleed through the image.  Each coat of paint must be completely dry prior to adding another coat.  Then the shell must be painted gold or silver.  Images must be cut to perfection to fit the each diverse shell and decoupaged on the shell.   Once this is completed, the shells are baked for 10-15 minutes to set the image.  Finally embellishments are added to further decorate the shell.  Then the entire shell is varnished several times to seal and preserve the shell.  Some shells may have a strong resin coating over them.

The large conch shell is a piece of art its self.  Grace any table or shelf with one of those for a gorgeous look.   Turn it around and add some air plants in the opening for a totally unique vase!

If you would like a specific design or theme for a wedding or any special occasion, send me a message.  I would love to discuss some ideas with you!

I can also create custom shells with your dog, horse, children or just about any photo you send me!  

How about a sport team or school team gifts for everyone?  

For instances, do you need seating cards for an event?  These are stunning decorated to your theme with your guests' names on them.  

There are countless ways to customize these shells!  Just ask me and I will be happy to share some great ideas with you! 

The Decoupaged Plates

These glass plates are are available in 11 inches or 8 inches.  Each plate has been expertly crafted using a multi-process that takes time to waterproof and varnish to ensure the design is protected so they are ready for the long haul!  They may be used for dining because the material and varnish are on the back of the plate.  So not only do they make a beautiful display but they are functional too!

Although they have been varnished to repel water, I would suggest hand washing and drying - no dishwasher or soaking allowed!