A Walk in the Woods - SOLD

My client wanted to present her best friend with a special gift of a painting of her kids when they were young.  She has fond memories of taking the boys hiking in the woods when they were young.  She surprised them with a gorgeous painting of a photo that she had in black and white.  I had to get creative here because there was no color to use as a reference.  The only thing that I asked her was what color their hair was!    I imagined them running into the woods on a bright sunny day with a lot of green trees and deep grass.  I love how each painting has a story behind it and so much love!

Here is my client's review that she left for me on Facebook.  

"Nancy did portrait pictures of both my pups and a special gift for my best friends. A stunning painting of their boys. It was poignant because they knew right away they were their kids by their body language depicted in the painting. Thank you for helping me give them such a wonderful gift."

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