Choose some photos that you are satisfied with, preferably with a happy expression, or even exaggerated and funny.   The potter will take your photos, use them as reference photos to design a custom bobblehead or stationary head statue of your pet!   The potters will carve a preliminary sample and send the picture to you to approve.   Make any modification suggestions, you confirm the shape, and then complete the figure will be complete and ready to send to you!  How much fun is that? 

Product Details 

  • Please upload three full body shots, for full body customization
  • Made of polymer clay, a new DIY fabrication material, need to bake to shape, can be stored for a long time
  • Exquisite facial features, smooth clothes texture, every detail is carved in place
  • This item requires 3-7 business days to handcraft. We will sent email to you after the head is finished
  • The complexion is unable to be made 100% the same as a real pet, as the characteristics of polymer clay and the actual color after baking will be darker than what you have seen in the picture

Design & Care Tips

  • The size is the stature of the pet standing from head to toe.  It isn't the actual height of the pet while sitting or lying.
  • Any hairstyle can be made if you choose the stationary head, only short hairstyles may be made when choosing the bobblehead
  • The ship out date of your bobblehead is directly affected by the amount of changes you might request.
  • If modifications are required please reply us within 48 hours, or we will deem no change is required to continue the production, to avoid further delay, while the products cannot be modified for those reples over 48 hours.

Size Guide

6cm (about 2.4in)

8cm (about 3.2in)

10cm (about 4.0in)