Seashells are a product of nature; each is unique, and no two shells are a like. Every shell varies in shape, color, and finish; therefore, they may contain naturally made blemishes. 

There are many steps to the decoupage process and it takes several days to create one shell.   The shells must be sourced, cleaned, painted white several times to ensure the that shell's natural blemishes do not bleed through the image.  Each coat of paint must be completely dry prior to adding another coat.  Then the shell must be painted gold or silver.  Images must be cut to perfection to fit the each diverse shell and decoupaged on the shell.   Once this is completed, the shells are baked for 10-15 minutes to set the image.  Finally embellishments are added to further decorate the shell.  Then the entire shell is varnish several times to seal and preserve the shell.