Hand Painted Ocean Wind Chime

Bring the beauty of the ocean to your living space with this hand-painted Sea Shell Wind Chime! Let the soothing sounds of outdoor decor waft through your home with the gentle, breezy tones of this unique and delightful chime! Hang 'em up and let the music fill the air! 🌊

This hand painted wind chime is a perfect addition to any outdoor space. With  expert craftsmanship and vibrant colors, this wind chime is sure to turn heads. Enjoy the soothing sounds of harmony while the colors of the wind chime bring a natural beauty to any area.

This particular Lion's Paw sell shell measures 7" wide x 6" long.  

This hand-painted Lion's Paw has been lovingly hand painted with acrylic paints and a protective seal of varnish to lock in the vibrant colors of the capiz shells!

The Process: Source those shiny shells, clean 'em up, and give 'em a makeover! With dyes and paints, and a hefty dose of varnish, these chimes are ready to fight the elements and keep 'em looking fine for years to come!

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